Brosix 3.2

It allows you to create your own instant messaging network
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Brosix is a highly secure instant messaging tool which provides features specially designed for enterprise and business purposes.
It allows you to create your own instant messaging network for your business, which is one of the most successful methods for optimizing the work process in your company or organization.

Unlike other conventional instant messengers, Brosix provides highly secure communication – strong encryption is applied to all data transfers. This makes instant messaging safe for exchanging confidential and company-sensitive information. Brosix also eliminates the risk of virus infections when it is your sole enterprise instant messenger.

Apart from security, Brosix provides various additional features, such as a Whiteboard tool, Cooperative Browsing (co-browsing), Voice Chat, Text Chat, Video Chat, Screen Shot, Screen Sharing (aka Desktop Sharing), File Transfers, and much more. Think of Brosix as a Swiss Army knife for office productivity.

Brosix is very easy to use – it requires minimum system resources and needs no extra setup in order to start using it immediately.

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